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Oils, Herbs, & Stones Available
This is the list of Oils, Herbs, & Stones we have available at Earth & Soul.
Our Online Store may not have all these items on it yet, but if you call and tell us what you need; and we have it we'll ship it!!

NOTICE: We feel that you should always have access to a large in stock and fresh supply of herbs throughout the year. 

Our stock of 150+ herbs are always "IN STOCK"!   

Giving you the peace of mind that when you need that specific herb, we will have it! (and not because we over order! We keep up on our supply weekly and no herb is over a year old!) 

We are bringing in new herbs every month.  If we don't have a specific herb below, we may have not added it yet. So feel free to contact us and if we don't, we can special order it for


HERBS     OILS      
Agrimony     Absinthe     Orchid Calcite
Alfalfa     All Spice     Sodalite
Alkanet     Amber     Labradorite
Allspice powder     Ancient Wisdom     Fluorite
Anise Seed     Anise     Quartz crystal tourmalted
Anise Star     Aquarius     Apache Tear obsidian
Angelica     Aries     Quart crystal clea
Annato Seed     Astral Travel     Blue Lace agate
Arrowroot Powder     Attraction     Turquoise
Balm of Gilead     Avocado     Blue Calcite
Barberry Root Bark     Banishing     Amazonite
Basil Leaf     Bayberry     Rough emerald
Bay Leaf     Benzoin     Peridot
Beet Root Powder     Bergamot     Moonstone
Benzoin Powder     Birch     Azurite nodules
Black Salt     Black Cat     Ruby in zoisite
Black Walnut Hull     Cancer     Garnet
Bladderwrack     Can't Stay Away     Amethyst
Blessed Thistle     Capricorn     Beryl
Boldo Leaf     Carnation     Bloodstone
Boneset     Cedar     Citrine (Quart Crystal)
Brown Mustard Seed     Cherry     Red Jasper
Burdock Root     Citronella     Fancy Jasper
Burdock Root Powder     Clary Sage     Jet
Calamus Root     Cloves     Hematite
Calendula petals     Come to Me     Moss Agate
Catnip     Controlling     Green Jasper
Cedar Tips     Courage     Black Tourmaline
Chamomile Flower     Court     Rainbow Moonstone
Chia Seed     Cypress     Rose quartz crystal
Cinnamon Sticks     Doves Blood     Snowflake obsidian
Cinquefoil (Five Finger Grass)     Dragon's Blood     Moonstone
Clover     Earth     Blue Lapis
Clove Powder     Eucalyptus     Serpentine
Coltsfoot     Fast Luck     Mugglestone
Comfrey     Frankincense     Lepidolite
Copal     Gardenia     Black Onyx
Coriander     Gemini     Sugilite
Damiana     Geranium     howlite
Dandelion     Ginger     Obsidian
Dandelion Root     Good Luck     Rutilated Quartz cyrstal
Dead Sea Salt     Healing     Poppy or brecciated jasper
Devils Shoestring     High John     Pink Rhodonite
Dragons Blood Resin     Invisible     Unakite
Echinacea     Isis     Cherry Quartz
Elderberries     Jasmine     Petrified wood
Elder Flower     Job     Tiger Eye – blue
Eucalyptus     Jojoba     Tiger Eye
Eyebright Powder     Lavender     Tigers Eye small
Fenugreek     Leo     Carnelian
Fennel     Lemon     Botswana agate
Feverfew     Libra     Blue Quartz
Flaxseed     Lilac     Rough quartz
Frankincense Tears     Love Drawing     Green obsidian
Galangal Root     Master     Yellow obsidian
Ginger Root     Moon     Pietersite
Gingko     Money Drawing     Llanite
Guar Gum     Myrrh     Leopard Jasper
Hawthorn Berries     Orange Sweet     Stilbite
Heal All     Passion     Teuritella
Hibiscus     Patchouli     Green Sardonyx
High Hohn     Pine     Small rough crystal
Honeysuckle     Peppermint     Geothite
Hops     Power     Rough Turqouise
Horebound     Prosperity     Snake skin agate
Hyssop     Reversible     Coral
Jasmine Flower     Rose      
Juniper Berry     Rose Geranium      
Kava Kava     Rosemary      
Lady's Mantle     Sage      
Lavender Flower     Sagittarius      
Lemon Balm     Sandalwood      
Lemon Grass     Scorpio      
Lemon Verbena     Spearmint      
Licorice Root     Sun      
Linden Leaf     Tangerine      
Lobelia     Taurus      
Lodestone     Tea Tree      
Lodestone Food     Tranquility      
Lotus Root     Vanilla      
Lovage Root     Vetivert      
Low John     Virgo      
Mandrake Root     Wealthy Way      
Marigold     Wisteria      
Marshmellow Root     Wormwood      
Mojo Wish Beans            
Myrrh Gum            
Osha Root            
Passion Flower            
Patchouli Leaf            
Pau D'arco            
Pine Needles            
Poke Root            
Poppy Flower            
Prickley Ash            
Red Rasberry Leaf            
Rose Buds            
Rose Hips            
Sage, White            
Sage Wands, Large            
Sage Wands, Small            
Sandalwood powder            
Sarsa Parilla            
Sea Salt, Fine            
Sea Salt, Course            
Slippery Elm            
Solomons Seal            
St. Johns Wort            
Valerian Root            
Vervain, Blue            
Vesta Powder            
Wheat Grass Power            
White Oak Bark            
White Willow Bark            
Wild Lettuce            
Witch's Grass            
Witch Hazel            
Wormwood Powder            
Yarrow Powder            
Yerba Mate            

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