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Coyote RedEagle

Coyote RedEagle offers classes weekly as well as Reiki and Tarot Readings

Call Earth & Soul to register or make an appointment 918-245-4311


Each class is a 1 hour session held once a week designed to allow you to detach from the hurry of your life and relax with a guided meditation in a safe and secure environment. 

The first half hour will be the meditation and the second half hour will be for sharing the meditative experiences.

Schedule: Wednesday Evening from 5:30 pm to 6:30pm

Cost: $20 persession or prepay a month for $65

Drum Journey workshops are similar to the mindfulness meditation classes with the difference being twofold; Drumming Workshops are held once a month whereas Mindfulness Meditation classes are weekly, also a single drum is used for assistance in journeying.

Schedule: satruday from 6pm to 7pm after the New Moon         Cost $25.00                 Class minimum: none

In Totem Animal Contacting workshops the students are taken through a blessing and a guided meditation creating Sacred Space on the astral plane.

Here, you will encounter your totem animals and receive other messages from Spirirt.

Afterwards, there will be a chance for each student ot journaland discuss in turn what they experienced.

Totem Animal Contacting workshops are 3 hours in length and can run longer depending on the amount of students and pre/post journey discussion.

Schedule: On Demand                 Cost:$75                 Class minimum: 4 students


Therapeutic Touch (TT) classes are taught in a one day, 6 hour format with lunch break.

The classes consist of:

* Learning the history of TT  * Learning the basics of energy healing  * Receiving a TT session  * Giving TT sessions to multiple students

Many TT students move on into formal Reiki classes after learning TT.

*This course is designed with a focus on 
assisting yourself and immediate family and friends, and is not designed as career training or as a CEU for a healthcare provider.

Schedule: On Demand       Cost:$75      Class minimum: 4 pre-registered students


Not to be confused with the Alberto Vallejo medicine wheel classes, these one day courses take you through the basics of using the sacred Medicine Wheel for healing and wholeness.  Students will be introduced to all Seven Sacred Directions, the Four Sacred Herbs, talking with stones, and listending to Spirit.

This is a four part class broken down into:
Part 1: Totem Animal Contacting/ Sacred Space creation / Supplies needed introduction
Part 2: Medicine wheel layout / Using stones / Smudging / Use of the Four Sacred Herbs
Part 3: Working within the East and South
Part 4: Working within the West and North

Classes run once a weeknight for a month.  Supplies will need to be brought to the second class.  All supplies will be discussed in the first class.  One item will be provided by the teacher, the others can be easily obtained or purchases at Earth and Soul in Sand Springs.

Schedule: On Demand      Cost:$40 per each session     Class minimum: 4 pre-registered students


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system passed down from master to student.  A Reiki Master/Teacher should alwyas be able to chart their lineage back to Miako Usui, the true founder of Reiki. 

Reiki classes run an entire day with a lunch break and several breaks in between.  You will be exposed to lecture and hands on labs throughout the day.

Reiki classes are split up into four levels.

Reiki I teaches you the history, fundamentals, methods, and includes four attunements to get your mind/body/spirit in harmony with the symbols.

Reiki II teaches you how to enhance the Universal energy flow by use of symbols passed down from Master Usui.  Included are energy magnification, alignment, and distance healing.

Reiki III is the Master level. Here you will have a refresher on all you have learned and also e taught the Master symbol as it was passed down from the original master.

Reiki III (Teaching Master) this class encompasses all the Reiki III training as well as the teacher training.

*This course is designed with a focus on assisting yourself and immediate family and friends, and is not designed as career training or as a CEU for a healthcare provider.

Schedule: On Demand    Cost:$75   Class minimum: 4 students  
Class Requirements: Therapeutic Touch Class for Reiki I TT and Reiki I for Reiki II TT, Reiki I, and Reiki II for Reiki III

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