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Frequently Asked Questions
WHAT IS.....

A psychic (pron.: /ˈsaɪkɪk/; from the Greek ψυχικός psychikos—"of the mind, mental") is a person who has the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP).  Psychics use this information to help answer questions that the client may have.

A medium is a person who communicates and channels with spirits (spirit guides, angels, the deceased, or beyond).  Using the information perceived through channeling to help guide people in their everyday life's.

A psychic medium is someone who uses both the ESP and channeling to help guide, console, answer, and explain the many questions the client may have, whether it be what they want or what they need.  Keep in mind that not all Psychics are Mediums and vice versa, still majority are both.

Trance-Mediumship is the higher type of mediumship. It has many degrees from light to deep trance, but the trance-medium allows communication directly through them by being the vessel for the spirit. It differs from traditional psychic mediumship because, psychic mediums interpret what spirit is saying instead of being a source for spirit to have direct contact through the vessel. The trance-medium is present but not, the spirit talks through the vessel to the client and not through interpretation.

Table tipping is a tool to help communicate with spirits through group energy workings. It is a uplifting, positive, mood elevating experience. It includes dancing, singing, laughing, and fun to energize the room, people, and table. Through this over abundance of energy the spirits help move, jump, push, and rotate the table. The experience also allows you the group to ask questions that are answered by tapping or rocking. Usually one way means yes and the other no, or one tap yes; two tapes no. All in all it is a positive experience that helps uplift the human spirit, commune with spirit energies, and gives us insight / guidance on matters close to our hearts.

A séance is a way to communicate with the passed of this world. Séances bring people up close and personal with the dearly departed. The medium allows spirits to channel their messages through he or she and provides items to help them show their presence (play balls, toys, noise makers, etc...). Energy is high during a séance and seeing apparitions, being touched, and hearing voices may occur.

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