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Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials
I enjoyed my experience at Earth and Soul! It was a wonderful experience and gift!  I love the poeple and atmosphere! Can't wait to go back!  I have to say it opened a door in my life to a whole new way of thinking
~ Lyndsey R.

I love this place and the people. They are very helpfu.
~ Serena A.

I've always felt loved and at home there. Wonderful positive people always willing to help with whatever your needs are

~ Dawn B.

I first went to Earth and Soul this past week, and I was not disappointed. I had a reading with Erin, and it was fantastic. Then I looked around and found lots of stuff I needed. Jeremy was very friendly when he rang up my purchases. I will definitely be back!

~ Lisa W.

You gals are awsome. thank you for helping me... i feel right at home when i walk through the door.

~ Julie V.

A great place

~Kathleen S.

Excellent place. The people there are just wonderful; so friendly and helpful.

~Patrica M.

Love this store been going for years and always feel so welcome and they are helpful with all my needs

~Diana A.

Love this place and all who run it. Best store around. Its my happy place

~Tria W.

I love this cool store and I'm grateful the love my books too

~Joe H.


Love this place, one of the few places I ever felt accepted for who I am!

~Dovie H.

Great place,friendly and helpful!

~Michele F.

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